Glue remover and Mesamoll

Glue remover and Mesamoll




We exclusively sell chemistry that is not subject to required labeling.
Thus, you do not have to deal with a lot of complicated security issues.

We stock the following products:

Glue Remover Special:
A unique solvent for glue. Simply put the items in liquid until the glue is dissolved.
5 kg: Order no .: 3018S

A softener that lubricates and forms an airtight membrane.
Ensures that isocyanate hardener does not react with air humidity and begins to crystallize.
5 liters bottles : Order no .: 26.05.011

Silica gel:
Granules to dry the air in both pressure tanks and 200 liters of fade.
Cans with 1 kg: Order no .: 30.05.036